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Promotional Lip Care

Promotional Lip Care items come in a range of mouth watering flavours and colours to suit your corporate logo! Such as Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate, Orange, Lemon, Mint, Berry and Lime. Mix and match colours and flavours at an additional cost for a stand out merchandise item unique to your brand. Made from natural ingredients, Vivid Promotions' branded Lip Balms come in a range of stylish packaging options such as Lip Balm Tubes, Lip Balm Sticks, Lip Balm Pots, Lip Balm Cubes, Lip Balm Tins, Lip Balm Flip Top Jars, Lip Balm Balls and even Lip Balm Sports Balls! Vivid Promotions is sure to have a personalised Lip Care Item to match any promotional event or brand advertisement.

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Promotional Lip Balms Australia

Flip Top Lip Balm

Flip Top Lip Balm
Product Code: PRTLBC001-c

Sooth your lips with Vivid Promotions' nourishing beeswax Lip Balm Flip Tops. Printed with a 1 colour logo, these funky little lip balms are great for gift packs, thank you gifts, low cost promo giveaways and much more. Presented in mouthwatering flavours, you won't be disappointed!

One Colour Print

Qty Price
150 $4.04
250 $3.73
500 $3.40
1000 $3.03
Setup $80.00

Printed Mini Lip Balms

Printed Mini Lip Balms
Product Code: PRTLB006-i

Custom Printed Mini Lip Balms are a unique and compact promotional product that is sure turn heads. Fantastic for a wide selection of promotional campaigns, these Labeled Mini Lip Balms are presented with solid white casing which can be decorated to suit your needs.

One Colour Print

Qty Price
2500 $2.26
5000 $1.44
10000 $1.10
25000 $0.96
Setup $80.00

Printed Coconut Lip Balm

Check out Vivid Promotions' NEW Lip Balms! Available at a very low cost, these deliciously scented Coconut Lip Balms with sun protection are a great product for your summer event. Ideal for both genders, this Printed Promotional Lip Balm Tube can have a full colour print and be turned around in just 3 days! Gain great brand exposure by giving your clients a merchandise item that will be used on a daily basis.

Watermelon Lip Balm Stick

Vivid Promotions' Mouthwatering Watermelon flavoured Lip Balm Sticks make great gift ideas and giveaway items for your next campaign. Print your full colour logo onto this cheap Lip Balm and watch your brand fly! This Moisturising Promotional Lip Balm is perfect in it's own right or as part of a giftpack.

Metallic Lip Balm Pot

Present your clients with a promotional gift that they will treasure- a Promotional Lip Balm! This Metallic Lip Balm Pot contains approx 5g of Lip Balm which can be customized to suit your needs. From 8 different colour and flavour options, Vivid Promotions is sure to have a custom option to enhance your next promo event. Great in it's own right or as part of a gift pack, the Metallic Lip Balm Pots make memorable promotional products.

Swirl Widebody Lip Balm

Promotional Swirl Widebody Lip Balms are great for summer promotions, trade shows and giveaway merchandise items. The Widebody Lip Balm with Swirl Fill is a funky way to promote your brand all year round. Available in a range of bright colours, these Printed Swirl Lip Balm Tubes can also be customized to suit your specifications.

Natural Lip Balm Pot 10g

Choose a promotional product that can promote your brand along with an environmentally friendly message. Vivid Promotions' Natural Lip Balm Pots are great merchandise items for all ages and will last for over 2 years! These Australian Made Natural Lip Balms are one of the best on the market and are presented at fantastic prices. Made from all natural ingredients, The 10g Natural Lip Balm Pot can have a full colour label.

Colourful Lip Balm Ball

Promotional Lip Balm Balls are a great product if you are after something a bit unique. These stylish sphere shaped Lip Balm Balls come in 4 bright colours and can be decorated with a 1 colour print. Compact enough to keep in your bag or pocket, these Lip Balm Balls will always come in handy.

Lip Balm Cube

For a fun and unique promotional Lip Balm idea take a look at our custom printed Lip Balm Cubes. Lip Balm cubes can be completely customised with your choice of colours and fragrances. Lip Balm Cubes are cute and compact while still containing natural sunscreens for sun safety.

Lip Balm Sports Ball

Promote your next sporting event with this fun and unique promotional product. Lip Balm Sports Ball are available in a range of sports ball shapes including, Basketball, Soccer, Netball, Golf Ball and Tennis Ball. Lip Balm Sports Balls are available with a pad print to display your corporate logo.

Promotional Lip Balms Blog

Round out your next promotion with printed Lip Balm Balls!


Everyone loves a Promotional Lip Balm, especially Vivid Promotions’ Lip Balm Balls!

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="227"]Custom Made Lip Balm Balls Printed Lip Balm Balls[/caption]

These colourful Lip Balm Balls can be custom printed with your logo and handed out for a small cost. Made to order, you can select your own lip balm colour and fragrance to go inside the printed coloured ball.

Our colours and fragrances include strawberry (pink), vanilla (white), berry (purple), lemon (yellow), orange (orange), apple (green), mint (blue) and chocolate (brown) or you can choose a custom flavour at an additional charge.  Our Standard Lipbalm Balls come in Yellow, Orange, Red or Green and look fantastic with your 1 colour logo printed on the lid.

Promotional Lip Balm is perfect for beauty campaigns, womens and girls events, fundraising events, low cost promotions and giveaways. Add to a gift pack for an extra touch to your next promotion.

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="204"]Sport shaped Lip Balm Balls Lip Balm Sports Ball[/caption]

Not only does Vivid Promotions offer Coloured Lipbalm Balls, we also have a range of Lip Balm Sports Balls. These Lip Balm Balls in the shape of sports balls are a fun and novelty way to get your brand out there. Choose from our great range of Lip Balm Sports Balls including Basketball Balls, Golf Ball Lip Balms, Netball Ball Lip Balm , Soccer Ball Lip Balms and Tennis Ball Lip Balm Balls.

All of these can be personalised with your logo, team name and can be printed in your team colours. Hand out at your next sign on day or generate some brand awareness at any sports even with one of our Custom Branded Lip Balm Balls today.

Help celebrate Schoolies and End of Year with Coloured Face Paint


Every November and December, thousands of students finish their school year with large celebrations, school parties and don't forget Schoolies!  School colours will be on full display as students relish in no more studying and exams.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="260"]Coloured Face Paint Tubes for Schoolies Parties White Slimline Face Paint non-spf zinc[/caption]

Promote your school colours, sporting team or local business community by handing out promotional face paint sticks in bright colours.  Not only will the face paint sticks be used during schoolies, but the students will keep your company logo in their pockets for a long time after!

The best promotional idea is to print your company logo or schoolies slogan onto the White Slimline Face Paint Non-SPF Zinc tube.  Full colour labels are UV rated and water resistant so your logo will stay on for a long time.  Available in 6 great colours like bright pink, hot orange, fluro yellow, vibrant blue, fresh green and crisp white.

3 Secret tips to never loosing your lip balm with the help of attachments


Keep attached to your lip balms with the help of Vivid Promotion's range of Lip Balm tubes with attachments.   These printed slimline lip balms or handy widebody lipbalm tubes are available in a create range of corporate coloured tubes.   There are so many handy little tips to designing the right lip balm with attachment that we've laid them out for you.

[caption id="" align="alignright" width="168"]LipBalm Tube with Attachments Slimline Lip Balm[/caption]

1.  Choose the lip balm tube just right for you!   Custom design your own lip balm tube from slimline tubes, widebody tubes, custom colour and flavour fills.  For that extra special touch, support local industries with Australian Made Lip Balm.   Vivid Promotions can help design the lip balm tube just right for your business.

2.  What do you want to attach your lip balm to?  Before Vivid Promotions can help design your personalised lip balm tube with attachment, we need to know who you want to give them to and what you want them to attach to.

  • [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="143"]Lanyard attachment on Slimline Lipbalm Slimline Lip Balm with Lanyard[/caption]

    Lanyards are ideal for trade shows and corporate seminars.   Not only is your logo printed onto the tube, but clearly displayed around the attendees necks during the day.  Add a PVC card holder and the lanyard becomes a multiple promotional product!


  • [caption id="" align="alignright" width="171"]Carabiner Attachment with Lip Balm Tube Slimline Lip Balm with Carabiner[/caption]

    Carabiners are perfect for kids and university students.  Not only will they can hang them off their bags or car keys, but they will show them off to their friends, family and team members generating buzz about the lip balm and your company name.


  • [caption id="" align="alignleft" width="149"]Plastic Hook Attachment on Widebody Lipbalm Wide Body Lip Balm with Plastic Hook[/caption]

    Plastic Hooks are a simple idea to hooking your lip balm to a keyring, belt look.  Design your plastic hook to match the colour of your tube,  colour of the lip balm or make it a contrasting or highly visible colour so your promotional lip balm never gets lost.


  • [caption id="" align="alignright" width="165"]Strap with Carabiner Attachment with Wide Body Lip Balm Wide Body Lip Balm with Strap[/caption]

    Strap with a Carabiner attachment  is just the thing for men on construction sites, mining sites, road side crews and driving long haul.  The nourishing lip balm will keep them content and the strap can be designed to blend in with their workwear or hi-visibility clothing.

3.  Discuss with Vivid Promotions on how to best promote your company logo on your lip balm tube & attachment.  Whether you are looking a full colour wrap label or a simple 1 colour print on your promotional lip balm, Vivid Promotions will be able to help design the best lip balm merchandise item to maximize your brand exposure.

Depending on your outdoor event, corporate event or even handing out to students you may wish to consider adding a lanyard, plastic hook or maybe a carabiner to the lip balm tube.  Designing your own promotional lip balm couldn't be more easy these days and the Vivid Promotion's sales team can make it a breeze for you.

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Promotional Lip Balm has always been a popular personal care accessory with both men and women alike, but now you can have flavoured lip balm custom printed with your company logo and message to really give your brand a boost. Personalised lip balm is a really versatile promotional product that can be used as a giveaway at outdoor events such as golf, or as merchandise hand outs at trade shows and other events. Branded lip balm is also great as a personalised gift item for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and other similar celebrations. 

Here at Vivid Promotional Lip Balms we have a huge range of stock lip balm products and can also customise your promotional lip balm to your requirements. For example, if you want a printed lip balm tube with a printed lanyard attachment, we can easily organise this and even have your lip balm tube matching the lanyard colour, and the lip balm colour inside matching up with your corporate colours as well. There are many other decorated lip balm attachments and lip balm accessories available such as lip balm keyrings, lip balm lanyards, printed lip balm with carabiner hooks and much more. Our personalised lip balm is also available as SPF30+ lip balm, making it the ideal summer promotion giveaway or beach promotional product. Our promotional lip balms are also available in SPF15+ lip balm and SPF20+ lip balm as well as lip balm with a sunscreen add in. 

Decoration options for our custom lip balm include full colour lip balm options, with full colour label print lip balm and digital heat transfer lip balm printing available. Pad printed lip balm is also available. In addition to our extensive branding options we also offer a delicious selection of flavours for our printed lip balm and can always customise flavours on your request. Some interesting ideas for lip balm flavours include chocolate lip balm, pina colada lip balm, bubblegum lip balm and watermelon lip balm. 

Also increasing in popular are natural lip balm products, which are petroleum free and do not contain any artificial colours or preservatives. This natural lip balm formula contains a great range of natural emollients, such as almond oil and shea butter and will keep your lips feeling soft and moist all year round.